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Justin McInerney of Team Pulsar explains how new rules will make it easier to get into RIB racing

The idea of RIB racing probably appeals to many powerboaters, but it’s considered an expensive hobby. That’s all set to change with the ability to cross-over from leisure RIBs into RIB racing with very little investment. Then it’s just a stepping stone from RIB ocean racing to powerboat racing!

The Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM) has launched a new lower Class of Offshore RIB power boat racing - International Class 1100 - which is to be introduced across the world over the next few years. This is a great opportunity for leisure powerboaters to consider racing with endurance as the main parameter, rather than just speed.

The new Class helps make RIB racing an affordable hobby. The rules allow powerboat enthusiasts to get involved in racing with a boat that can also serve as a leisure craft when not racing. This is nearly impossible with all other racing classes.

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RIBs - a great family boat


RIBs are a great family boat and a good low cost investment in a craft that can handle most sea states easily and safely. As RIBs grow in popularity across the globe, it’s good news for RIB owners and serious enthusiasts.

The big benefit of this new International Class 1100 for RIB racing is that owners of the many different designs of RIBs can take part in competitive events in a standard, safe, fair and enjoyable manner.

RIBRacing, which already exists in Belgium, Greece and Holland, is scheduled to be introduced in Ireland in 2012 through the Irish Offshore Powerboat Racing Club and the ISA, and I’m sure will be introduced in the UK. The UIM International Class 1100 for RIB Racing is the governing rules for this class.

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The importance of navigation equipment

Irrespective of whether I’m doing extreme offshore marathon racing with Team Pulsar, or out with my family for a leisurely afternoon, one requirement is constant and that’s reliable marine electronics for navigation and communication.

With Team Pulsar, Raymarine is the vital kit we choose in offshore racing. We equipped our RIBs with Raymarine’s E Series Widescreen Multifunction Displays. In the Around Ireland Offshore race these were invaluable, as the HybridTouch™ technology allowed us to operate the multifunction display with touch-screen or hard key, so the rough conditions didn’t affect our navigators’ ability to use the equipment to its full capabilities. The screens allow us to capture the enormous amount of information we need and can provide just about any data you need at a glance - vital when racing at such high speeds.