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Software LightHouse 3 per i display multifunzione Axiom e Axiom Pro e Axiom XL

Download del software e informazioni sull'aggiornamento per i prodotti Raymarine LightHouse 3 Axiom e Axiom Pro:

  • Applicabile a: solo display multifunzione LightHouse 3 Axiom e Axiom Pro  e Axiom XL
  • Versione software: v3.8.97
  • Data di rilascio: Jan 2019


Dimensione file: ~ 2.4GB




Open Source GPL/LGPL

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Cronologia software

Pacchetto   Data di rilascio Caratteristiche
v3.8.97 Jan 2019

New Features:

  • CZone Digital Switching, Control and Monitoring
  • JL Audio Media Master Remote Control
  • Search and Rescue Patterns
  • Collision Avoidance Predicted Area of Danger Overlay
  • Dynamic Target Intercept Calculations
  • Electronic Chart Synchronization
  • LightHouse NC2 Electronic Chart Base Map
  • LightHouse Charts Selectable Depth Coloring
  • LORAN-C TD Support
  • LightHouse Apps Manager (AXIOM family exclusive)
  • Rudder Bar visable in Chart App "Sidebar" - even with Pilot control disabled
  • HONK alarm output & Anchor alarm on SeaTalkng

Bug fixes:

  • Waypoint import improvements
  • RayControl connection improvements with certain Android Versions
  • Various AR overlay improvements
  • New Navionics Library - To stabilize intermittent performance issues
  • Data Backup now working in Finnish language
  • Quantum Radar "Connection Lost" issue improved on AXIOM/DV/RV
  • Route/ Track/ Vector width change working as expected
  • Fuel Manager - "Fuel Used" at Trip Month now working as expected
  • GPS Priority - MFD now uses internal GPS as lowest priority

Changes to .zip file contents since this release:

  • The MFD Download is continuously having the latest ISO files added, so that you get the latest system product upgrades
v3.7.70 Oct 2018

New Features:

  • AR200 Augmented Reality support
  • ClearCruise Target Range implemented when using M132 or M232 Cameras
  • Seakeeper Integration Application
  • Mazu-Marine mSeries Sentry System
  • Backup and Restore feature implemented
    • Note:
      • Saving of Digital Switching pages are local to each display
      • Custom Splash Screens are not Backed up

Bug fixes:

  • Czone/VesselView could cause an MFD Crash - now resolved
  • Retention of Chart Range throughout exiting the chart app - now resolved
  • Navionics changes:
    • Navigation Aids layer now defaulted to ON for the fishing chart
    • Additional Wrecks menu item (no longer used) removed
    • Resolved the inverted slider for aerial photo opacity/transparency
    • Fishing range highlights now defaulted to OFF for the fishing chart
  • Waypoint names retained when a route is imported from GPX file
  • Date used for Tide information could be incorrect - now resolved
  • Quantum fixs:
    • Found an issue where the W3 board could have a missing S.N. preventing it from being s/w upgraded. V3.7.70 re-programs the S.N. if it is missing.
    • Resolves an issue where multiple presses of the Off Key from the Radar app, causes a crash.

Changes to .zip file contents since this release:

  • The MFD Download is continuously having the latest ISO files added, so that you get the latest system product upgrades
v3.6.45 Sept 2018

New Features:

  • Initial Release for AXIOM XL 22" hardware

Bug Fixes:

  • MOB can trigger loss of HDMI output - resolved
  • Touch Screen response improved with salt water spray
  • FishFinder Simulator has been improved to show SONAR data on non-SONAR MFDs
  • BlueTooth Sound Sync has been modified with HDMI output
v3.6.32 July 2018

New Features:

  • Unmanned Aerial vehicle (UAV) integration support*
    • DJI Mavic Professional
    •  DJI Mavic Professional Platinum Edition

Initial Release for AXIOM XL 24" hardware

Bug Fixes:

  • Intermittent green screen SONAR
  • Digital Switching Alert - alarm crash
  • Digital Switching Alert - Momentary Button Down - Trigentic Firmware update v1.0.164

Note: RVX1000 requires new software (v3.6.32) to maintain MFD compatibility

*AXIOM Products only
v3.5.40 19 June 2018

New Features:

  • LightHouse Apps*
    • Lumishore Lights App
  • Audio App
    • Fusion Apollo support (770 and SRX400)
    • SR150 Audio for SiriusXM
  • Bluetooth Alarm support*
  • Demo movie
    • Plays from MicroSD card when in Simulator mode, after 60 seconds of inactivity
  • PDF Viewer
    • PDF Documents read from MicroSD card
  • Sonar RVX1000 enhancements
    • Supports RVX1000 error messages
    • Adds RVX1000 Sonar channels to the auto depth prioritisation model
  • NMEA2000
    • Cummins C Command ED-4 electronics support for Remote Digital Alarm acknowledgement
    • PGN 127506 support (DC Detailed Status)
  • RayNet
    • Navionics Charts networking enhancements between displays
Initial Release for AXIOM XL 19" hardware

Bug Fixes:

  • Ground Log/Trip Reset option not resetting values
  • Importing of .GPX files improved
  • GPS filter not working correctly
  • Not able to turn off/hide the Safety Distance ring
  • Network Diagnostics information missing products
  • Digital Switching alerts improved
  *AXIOM/AXIOM-PRO/AXIOM XL only features
v3.4.102 1 June 2018
  • Initial Release for AXIOM XL 16" hardware
  • Recommended version for Magnum Radar compatibility
  • Recommended version for RVX1000 SONAR compatibility
v3.4.66 29 March 2018 New Features:
  •  LightHouse Apps*
    • Netflix
    • Spotify
    • GRIBview Weather App
  • Chart additional features
    • Find Nearest
    • Tides Mode - tide and current graphs
  • Bluetooth Audio Out*
    • Stream LightHouse Entertainment App's
  • Fuel Manager
    • Fuel range and economy settings
    • Honda ECO mode


  • Alarm Enhancements
    • Active alarm "Homebutton" alert
    • Alarm history
    • Digital Switching alarm selection
  • Radar Enhancements
    • Support for Quantum 2 Doppler
    • Support for Digital Radar Software Upgrades
  • Custom Startup Splash Screen*
  • Shared Brightness Group Control

Bug Fixes:

  • Fusion Power Off Issue
  • Intermittent Navionics Chart Networking Issue
  • Tide Time Offset Issue
  • CP370 Selection Issue
  • Import GPX files
*AXIOM/AXIOM-PRO only feature
  For more information please visit LightHouse 3.4 Overview page
v3.3.170 31 Jan 2018
  •  Radar enhancements
    • Enhanced AIS Target Overlay in Radar Mode
    • Radar True Trails
    • Radar ARPA Auto Target Acquisition
    • Quantum Software Updates Supported
  • Weather Mode & SiriusXM SR150 Receiver
    • Support for SiriusXM SR150 receiver in new Weather Mode in charting app
    • Overlay weather data directly on your preferred cartography
    • Select and Animate weather layers from side menu
  • Sonar Upgrades
    • RealVisionTM 3D Historical Sensitivity
    • Disable All Sonar
    • Depth & intensity Scale for 3D
    • Smooth Sonar Range Transition
  • Navionics additional features
    • Plotter Sync
  • Other Updates
    • Networked compatibility with eS and gS Series MFDs running LH3 v3.3.170
      • AXIOM or AXIOM-Pro set to Master
    • Supply Voltage data
    • Enhanced Diagnostics
    • Camera App - Cycling removed from v3.3 and planned to be reinstated in later version
  • Various Bug fixes and improvements
v3.2.101 7 nov 2017
  • Miglioramenti al firmware Wi-Fi in tutti i modelli AXIOM Pro.
    • Nessun cambiamento per i display multifunzione AXIOM RV o AXIOM DV.
v3.2.97 6 ott 2017
  • Parametri di retroilluminazione regolati all'avvio iniziale, per i modelli AXIOM Pro
v3.2.92 26 set 2017
  • Risolto il problema di acquisizione del segnale satellitare e GPS in alcuni modelli AXIOM
v3.2.86 18 set 2017
  • Rilascio iniziale per i modelli AXIOM Pro
  • Nuove caratteristiche per tutti i modelli AXIOM:
    • streaming wireless al display (Miracast)
    • Integrazione audio Fusion (solo interfaccia CAN)
    • Caratteristiche Navionics:
      • Autorouting da molo a molo (Autoroute to Here)*
      • Registrazione ecoscandaglio & SonarChart Live*
      • Foto panoramiche e portolano (caratteristiche Platinum+)
      • Aree di pesca e altre caratteristiche mappa avanzate*
      *richiede l'abbonamento a Freshest Data
    • Integrazione C-MAP
      • Essentials & 4DMAX/4DMAX+, carte vettoriali e raster
      • Navigazione facile (Autoroute to Here)*
      *richiede una scheda C-MAP 4DMAX/4DMAX+
    • Ecoscandaglio
      • Visualizzazione waypoint nelle vicinanze con RealVision 3D
      • Tavolozze colori ampliate
      • Correzione immagine a sinistra/dritta per alcune installazioni con montaggio a gradino
    • Possibilità di aggiornamento delle periferiche STng
      • Supporta tutti i file ISO STng attualmente online
    • Nuove lingue: croato, ceco, malese e sloveno
    • Correzioni dei bug 
v3.1.96 26 luglio 2017
  • Controllo diretto dal display multifunzione degli autopilota Evolution
  • Miglioramenti ecoscandaglio
    • Riavvolgimento - 2D e 3D
    • Cronologia della sensibilità
    • Percorsi GPS in 3D
    • Posizionamento waypoint 3D
  • App mobile. Supporto di RayView / RayControl / RayRemote (con le App aggiornate)
  • RMK-10 - Controllo completo multiunità in rete
  • Correzione bug - Stato GPS Nessuna Correzione sul ripetitore
  • Ulteriori correzioni di bug
  • Lingue aggiuntive:
    • Arabo
    • Portoghese brasiliano
    • Greco
    • Islandese
    • Indonesiano
    • Giapponese
    • Coreano
    • Lettone
    • Lituano
    • Russo
    • Ciinese semplificato
    • Cinese tradizionale
    • Vietnamita
v3.0.66 30 maggio 2017
  • Modifiche ai cavi a Y dell'ecoscandaglio:
    • Consente di effettuare il ping a un trasduttore conico Airmar quando viene installato un cavo a Y e non viene visualizzato Conical.
    • Supporto del cavo a Y DVS+Airmar (A80493 o A80486) che può essere installato.
    • Offre la possibilità di mostrare tutti i canali ECOSCANDAGLIO disponibili quando si utilizza un cavo a Y.
  • Correzione di un arresto anomalo della lingua (Schermata GPS/Finestra di dialogo allarme)
  • Correzione Autopilot Goto/Goto che consente una virata non riconosciuta (non applicabile ai piloti Evolution).
  • Consente l'impostazione del numero corretto di decimali nella pagina Commutazione digitale
v3.0.60 4 aprile 2017
  • Rilascio iniziale unità ECOSCANDAGLIO AXIOM 7DV
  • Aggiornamento per tutte le unità AXIOM in rete (tutte le unità di rete devono avere la stessa versione)
v3.0.57 27 aprile 2017
  • Rilascio iniziale per le unità AXIOM RV
  • Aggiornare per la compatibilità di rete fra le unità non ecoscandaglio e le unità RV (tutte le unità di rete devono avere la stessa versione)


3 aprile 2017
  • Rilascio iniziale