Carbon3, racing trimaran optimised for speed, selects Raymarine for its navigation solutions

March 2012

Carbon3, the racing trimaran designed exclusively for speed, has announced it will be using Raymarine’s latest high tech and compact marine electronics equipment on board.

The announcement was made at the Copenhagen Boat Show by Michael Krumbaek, Country Manager for Raymarine Danmark and Jonas Pedersen, Head of the Carbon3 project. This unique 40 foot long and 32 foot wide trimaran was built in Denmark and is Denmark’s fastest sail racing boat with speeds of around 32 knots. With its crew of amateur and professional sailors, including former Olympic gold medal winner and America’s Cup skipper Jesper Bank, and a highly skilled shore team, Carbon3’s mission for the next two years is to set or break all the available speed records at events around the key Danish regattas.

Designed by Nigel Irens, who has a world-leading reputation for record breaking hull designs, Carbon3 is unique in its specification to be designed and built “entirely with speed in mind”. Choosing the navigation equipment is also absolutely key, requiring all the essential equipment needed for navigation, safety and communication, whilst keeping weight to a minimum.

Raymarine Danmark suggested Carbon3 fitted its latest compact e7 multifunction displays, a central e125 display and Tacktick wireless instruments. This combination provides all the essential data required for navigation, course setting and data, but also ensures minimal wiring and connectors, thus also reducing weight on board.

Project Head Jonas Pedersen, who is the inspiration for this project, said the agreement with Raymarine is a perfect match of leading edge boat design and manufacturing technology with Raymarine’s sophisticated electronics, navigation and integration skills. As well as equipping Carbon3, Raymarine will also be supplying onboard electronics for the team’s high speed 9-metre support RIB, being built at Tuco Boat which specialises in carbon materials.

Raymarine’s Michael Krumbæk said he had been liaising with Jesper Bank for some time to source the most appropriate navigation solution for Carbon3. “The extreme conditions in which the equipment needs to operate, means the new e7 and e125 Multifunction Displays are exactly right for the job,” he said. “The Carbon3 project is one of the most exciting sailing projects in Denmark and we are proud to be associated with Tuco Boat, and the Carbon3 Race Team.

Talking about the boat, designer Nigel Irens said it had been a fantastic project to work on as the only remit was for speed. “The performance of a multihull is usually hampered by the weight of the interior accommodation. In Carbon3’s case, Jonas Pedersen solved that problem at a stroke by specifying that the already limited space inside be left entirely empty - which makes this a dream commission from a race-boat designer’s perspective.

The investment in an all-Carbon build also offers the chance to build a light yet stiff platform - that can handle the loads imposed by a full ‘race spec’ rig. The boat is equipped with a rotating and canting carbon wing mast and asymmetric foils set in outside hulls.

Carbon3 has already demonstrated blistering speeds, so we look forward to hearing more news from the team as they start a season of audacious record attempts. 

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